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We help people pass maths exams – From GCSEs to Nurse's Numeracy 

Building off the lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic and from iterating our understanding, Stem B Tuition stands out as a bespoke provider of private maths tuition. Our approach emphasises the importance of adjusting concepts to meet the individual while remaining true to the curriculum, instead of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Having worked with dozens of students over the years, we've refined maths tuition into a precise science. Our approach speaks for itself with both the grades our techniques produce and the testimonials we receive from students and parents.



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Grammar School Exams 

The academic standards and talented teachers in grammar school can be the making of a child, yet the 11+ entrance exams are correspondingly difficult. With a sudden emphasis on quick arithmetic, decimalisation and clear working, parents considering the grammar school route are advised to start preparing their child as early as year 5.

Our private maths tuition will prepare your child for the stringent 11+ maths curriculum. We will get to know how they learn, what they excel at and what they could improve at, and tailor our approach accordingly. To make an enquiry, please get in touch via our contact form.

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a young GCSE student doing tuition with an older man

GCSE Exams 

GCSE-level maths can prove to be difficult for even those naturally talented in mathematics, due to the sheer scope of topics involved. Some may find that they can easily master algebra but struggle with probability, while others might naturally tend towards geometry but have a hard time with algebra.

As providers of bespoke maths tuition in Bolton, we have worked with dozens of GCSE students over the years and have the results to prove our results work. Get in touch today. 



Further Maths GCSE Exams 

Further Maths is designed for GCSE students with a natural aptitude for maths, who may wish to find work in computer science or physics. As is to be expected, the subject is substantially more challenging.

Stem B Tuition has a proven track record with further maths GCSE students. Get in touch via our contact form to make an enquiry.

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an A-Level student going through tuition notes with a tutor

A-Level Preparation Exams 

There's no doubt that your A-levels can be a very daunting period of your life. A few marks one way or another could be the difference between landing a spot in your dream university or having to go for your second choice.

A few gaps in your knowledge shouldn't stop you from achieving your higher education goals. Our tailored maths tuition in Bolton will leave no stone unturned and get you where you want. Please get in touch to make an enquiry.




Preparation for Nurses' Numeracy 

After personable skills, mathematics is one of the most important aspects of nursing and midwifery. This is reflected in the interview stage of nursing jobs with the nurse's numeracy test. 

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Refreshers for STEM 

Gaps in your maths knowledge in the STEM fields are almost inevitable, especially if you are an international student coming to the UK to study.

Whether you're studying physics at the University of Manchester, engineering at the University of Bolton or something further afield, our maths tuition in Bolton will set you up for success.






Our tuition will help you pass your exams

With a proven track record of qualified and qualified private maths tuition, Stem B Tuition are on-hand to help with any maths knowledge or exam needs. Please get in touch with our via our form to book our services.

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