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Welcome to Stem B Tuition.

We provide hands-on maths tuition in Bolton and the surrounding area. Whether you need help on the finer points of algebra before your GCSEs, need a refresher on calculus in preparation for a STEM degree or something in between, we're proud to offer bespoke tuition solutions tailored to how you learn and what you struggle with. Our tuition it available either face-to-face or over Zoom – Whichever is more convenient for you.




Helping you pass your maths exams 

Our maths tuition in Bolton is curated for the exam board or governing body you or your child are preparing for, accounting for the subtle yet important differences in curricula. This can spell the difference between reaching an A or a B, or making it into your chosen university.

We also offer an education consultation service, allowing students to reveal and then hone in on the gaps in their knowledge based on the curriculum they're studying for. This consultation is free should you decide to enrol in our tuition service, and will form a valuable foundation for our coming tutoring sessions.



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Our 1:1 private maths tuition services

Nearly everyone can benefit from improving their maths knowledge, whether they're still in formal education or well into their working life.

We've offered maths tuition in Bolton to a diverse range of individuals over the years, from children as young as 11 to mature university students, and offer a range of services to reflect that.

We provide tutoring for AQA, EdExcel and OCR curriculums. 


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More on our services


a child learning from a tutor pointing at a notepad at home

Grammar School Exams 

The jump between primary school and grammar school is considerable, and the 11+ exam curriculum notoriously difficult. Our tutoring will help prepare your child for success.

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GCSE Exams

Our maths tuition in Bolton is designed to underline and target the gaps in knowledge, ensuring that your child has a solid grasp over the GCSE curriculum for AQA and EdExcel.

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Further Maths GCSE Exams 

We offer bespoke tuition for what is regarded as one of the hardest GCSE subjects.




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A-Level Exams 

We make sure A-level students get into their choice of university.


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Nurse Numeracy Tests 

We help aspiring nurses and midwifes kickstart a successful career, by tutoring them on this crucial yet often understated area of the nursing interview process.

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STEM Refresher Sessions 

The full scope of mathematics forms the backbone of the STEM subjects. Don't let gaps in your knowledge or forgotten fundamentals trip you up.









How Stem B Tuition got started

Stem B Tuition was created as a response to the demand for private tutoring during the COVID-19 pandemic, as the limitations that fully-remote group learning became apparent.

While in-person teaching can be adjusted to suit the individual, fully-remote group cannot be tailored in such a way, and this soon became clear across the board from GCSE students to university students.

Tutoring businesses soon cropped up to meet the demand, yet for every tutoring business with the testimonials and experience to back up their claims, there was one unqualified tutor looking to make some quick money.

We soon stood out from the crowd as a provider of maths tuition in Bolton as word of mouth spread, and continue to educate people to this day.

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 a lady helping a secondary school student with maths problems


Why us should you choose Stem B Tuition?

We understand that there are as many learning styles as there are people in the world. Some rely more on visual stimuli, while others are purely audial learners; some need gentle encouragement, while others prefer a harder line.

In addition, we ensure that we follow the expectations and recommendations of the relevant curriculum as closely as possible, monitoring the student's progression intently to check for any shortfalls or gaps in their knowledge.


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Where can you find us?



You can find us at:

6 Brock Avenue









Interested in our maths tutor services? 

Whatever exam you have on the horizon, Stem B Tuition's person-centred approach to maths tuition in Bolton and the surrounding area can confidently help you pass with flying colours. Get in touch with us via our booking form to make an enquiry, or take a look at our assortment of maths resources.

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